Anon - About

Anon - Gospel Rapper - Essex, UK

I am Anon.

My story is similar to alot that you have heard already. I was another product of 'the road'... or at least a product of the mindset that 'the road' lifestyle creates.

By the age of 14 I was already working my way deeper into a life of drink, drugs, gangster rap and the paper-chase. By 16 I was between hostels, sofa's and bus stops making worse decisions by the day all in the persuit of pounds. I spent years sinking deeper into this way of life with no sign of exiting any time soon - after all I was making money and a name for myself, and thats all that matters... Right?

I was quickly proven wrong by the Lord in all His splendor - late in 2011 I was saved from the wreckage I had created of myself and made anew in the grace of Christ.

Now I live my life to glorify Jesus and spread the Good News by way of the music I create under the name 'Anon'. The choice to go by this name is hugely relative to the message that I broadcast - as who I am is irrelevant - He whom I serve, and the message I have been given to share is the only relevant part of these musical creations.

All Glory to the Most High.



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